West Coast Personal Trainer


Casey Haber

Crystal has been absolutely amazing! She challenges us in all the right ways. I had really debilitating back pain that I was taking daily medication for. We are five months in to personal training and I rarely have any pain (other then soreness from those intense workouts) The sessions are fun engaging and she up's the levels appropriately and won't let you grt away with too much winning. Just what we need! Highly recommend!

Celia Vandenbergh

Crystal gets you results, even in covid times! She got me to my best shape ever 10 years ago, then life happened and two pregnancies after, I found myself stuck at the heaviest I've ever been. I started bootcamp again with Crystal 6 weeks ago. We switched to online classes once the isolation requirements started. The workouts are still effective and she gets me sweating and challenges me even though I have a small space. I found out today I am already down 2 sizes! I fit into my old size 14 jeans and very comfortable. She's so personable, non-intimidating and she varies the work outs so you get a full body work out in the week. So happy I started with her again! Definitely recommend her!

Arzina Z

Crystal's workouts are fun! Love the variety and the way she motivates you no matter what level of fitness you are at.

Sherese Johnson

Crystal has a great sense of humour and a fun way of introducing a variety of exercises into her programs. My cardio and strength has greatly improved and maintained under her guidance. She is very adaptable and makes it fun no matter what the weather or health advisory. Highly recommended!

Farah Somani

Enjoy working out in the fresh air!! I’ve been going to Crystal for years on and off and I appreciate the diverse group of women from all background and diversities that join too. Great total body workout in one hour which includes both cardio and strengthening. I enjoy classes that involve a lot of cardio and circuit which aims to improves my overall fitness ability.

Hilary Knock

Crystal is a fantastic trainer with tonnes of knowledge and experience. I’ve been attending the bootcamps for 1.5 years and I love that each session is different and we work out using a large variety of equipment. Most of all I like the friendly and encouraging environment she has created. I used to hate exercise and the gym but now I really enjoy it and find myself stronger, fitter, more flexible and more confident. Thank you Crystal!

Julia Langton

Crystal runs great sessions- different every time and she makes workouts fun and challenging. I've been going twice a week for 8 weeks now and feel stronger and have more energy.

Crystal is a fantastic trainer, who keeps you motivated at all times. She makes you want to work out, and adjusts workouts based on need and injury. We do everything from running to yoga to strength training, and it's never the same work out twice. I highly recommend Crystal to anyone looking for a fun fitness routine that gives results.

Candice Flynn

Crystal has been my Trainer for approximately the last 3 years. I wanted to try to get into better shape and wanted to try something new. My sister's coworker recommended Crystal's Bootcamps as she had been a client of hers.

Crystal's classes are always different, I feel like I get a total body workout every week. She encourages us to work our hardest, supports us in making sure we are doing each exercise correctly, and is always mindful of what a person's limitations are.

I would recommend Crystal to anyone who wants to become a physically stronger person.


Crystal is a great trainer. I have never enjoyed exercise but Crystal makes the boot camps fun and engaging. She is easy to talk to and is not judgemental. Would highly recommend anyone wanting to start an exercise regime.

Ryan Maiden

Crystal is a great trainer and a pleasure to train with. Her bootcamps push you to reach your goals, are a huge stress reliever and a nice way to make friends. I highly recommend checking out one her classes!

Taunya Florko

Prior to meeting Crystal I never would have imagined myself attending boot camps. Crystal's classes are always varied and never boring. She really makes an effort to connect with her clients and help them feel comfortable. She genuinely cares about her client's well being.

Donna Maiden

Crystal is a highly experienced trainer who creates a fun variety or workouts tailored to our fitness needs. She is upbeat, friendly and motivating. I really enjoy my workouts and the progress I have made with her guidance. If I can do it, anyone can!

Yumin Thong

I have been with Crystal on and off for 10 years. Each time I have amazing results. She plans her classes around my needs and goals and then makes it happen. I have tried many different trainers and by far Crystal is the best!!

Esther Moses

Crystal of West Coast Personal Trainer offers great bootcamps. She has a variety of locations and times across the lower mainland. Her workout is energetic as is her personality. She will keep you moving for the whole class. She also changes up each class so that you are always working a new body part. If you are looking for a bootcamp that has a great leader, and motivated and funny mates; this is the group for you!


Crystal delivers fun and friendly boot camps for all fitness levels and abilities. She's always willing to change something up to meet your needs while still challenging you. She's dedicated and passionate about fitness and health, and makes it fun too.

Lorinda Banks

Crystal has been my boot camp instructor for approximately the last 10 years. I wanted to try to get in better shape and wanted to try something new. My sister’s co-worker recommended Crystal’s boot camp class as she had been a client of hers. Crystal’s classes are always different, I feel like I get a total body workout every week. She encourages us to work our hardest, supports us in making sure we are doing each exercise correctly, and is always mindful of what a person’s limitations are.

Mayssoun EI Chami

I found Crystal when I was looking for a new local bootcamps trainer, Crystal seemed like a really likeable down to earth kind of person that I could feel comfortable with as a person and after I started attending her boot camps in 2009 I was hooked. In all these years not only have I lost weight and inches, I also gained stretch, stamina, improved cardio, and friends! Crystal is fun, personable, treats you like a friend and not just a client, and she knows what you're capable of and will encourage you to push yourself a little more to help you reach your goals. Her workouts are effective but fun, a mix of everything; cardio, strength, toning, kickboxing, agility, and always changing so you never get bored with the same thing. Whether you're just starting your journey, returning from a break from fitness, or just looking for someone who will be the right fit for you - I highly recommend giving Crystal and West Coast Personal Trainer a try, I'm so happy I did!

Lesley Banks

I wanted to find a boot camp class to help with getting in better shape. A co-worker had been attending her boot camp classes and referred her class to me. I, along with my sister, have now been a client of Crystal’s for the past 10 years and will continue to be a client of hers. As a trainer, Crystal has helped in making me stronger person,. She encourages, challenges and offers support to me and all her clients. Crystal is always looking for new techniques and methods to change up her class so it is never repetitious.

Tammy Pierrot

I first met Crystal in spring 2011 after the birth of my second child when I wanted to get back into shape before returning to work. I worked out with Crystal for a few months, however I had trouble mastering returning to work, being a mom and taking care of myself. I continued to follow Crystal on facebook, knowing that at some point I would return. Fast forward to January 2015 when I had constant back pain. I was seeing a chiropractor at least once a week. I knew that could not continue and I needed to get back to taking care of me. One weekend when I had so much back pain that I could not move, I got in contact with Crystal. We decided on private sessions until my core was stronger and then I could move to her Boot Camps. Crystal worked me 2 or 3 times a week for about 9 months tailoring each sessions. I am still quite nervous about pulling my back muscles, so Crystal offers me alternative exercises during boot camps to keep my core strong.

Crystal is always well prepared and keeps things interesting with no workout session ever being exactly the same. She is also a very kind and caring person who never hesitates going the extra mile for her clients to achieve their fitness goals. Crystal provides the right amount of motivation for me to push myself just a little bit more to go beyond what I think I do. She actually makes the whole training process fun and I look forward to the challenge she offers me each session we work out. Crystal is always there for her clients to answer questions. I was traveling and wanted some workout advice, so I sent Crystal a text- she answered promptly with suggestions of exercises while I was traveling. In addition, because you go on vacation Crystal believes one should continue to exercise, so she will often give me "homework" while I am away. I am always glad she does this, as it gets me focused at least once a day.

It has been about 18 months since I re-contacted Crystal. I no longer have back pain, and I only see a chiropractor every 2 months. I feel better about myself, I have more energy to be with my kids, sleep better and work better.